4 Easy Steps for Getting Fall Outdoor Macro Photography Right with Your Professional Camera Holster

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Fall may just be the best time for you to pack up your camera and professional camera holster and get the best outdoor shots of your life. And with macro photography, you can certainly achieve it. It can be challenging, of course, but once you get the right technique, you will get results that you can really be proud of. And that’s what makes photography quite rewarding.

If you don’t know anything about macro photography outdoors, don’t stress yourself with technical stuff. You can make this activity quite pleasant and easy using simple steps.

Let this article be your guide.

Simple Steps to Outdoor Photography

The falling leaves and warm colors of autumn will add something special to any picture. So, do take advantage of this season before it ends. Grab your lenses and camera holder for backpack, go outside, follow the steps below and you will soon have those amazing shots you only dreamed about before.

Simple Steps to Outdoor Macro Photography

1. Choose your photography gear. Get your Canon camera and Canon DSLR accessories if these are your choice devices. But if not, know that you have a lot of options. And this is what is great about macro photography. You can use professional cameras with microscope lenses or you can even use only your mobile phone.

No matter what stuff you use, these macro gear options are available to help you capture the best shots:

  • Close-up filters
  • Extension tubes
  • Reverse lens macro
  • Macro lenses

2. Once your Canon camera holder and the rest of your gear are ready, look outside for the perfect subject. Whatever your interests are, the outdoors will have something that will surely get your attention. But if you’re at a loss, take your time and enjoy the scene. You will get the inspiration you need simply by seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, the eyes of an ant, for instance.

3. With your gear in hand and the target locked, lighting is the only hurdle to your great photo. You have these 2 light choices for your photo:

  • Natural light. This is the easier choice but it can be tricky and not always available, especially during fall.
  • External light source. Using a flash is one example of an external light source. However, in using it, you will need to know the basics of flash photography, since it has its own challenges.

4. Getting through the first 3 steps, all you have to do next is stabilize yourself. The chances of having a shaky image will depend on the focal length you use and your shutter speed. But you can always use a tripod for more stability, especially when your field of view is small.

Taking shots of the outdoors bring amazing results. Just try it using the steps herein and you will surely get the pictures you want.

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