Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Holder


Hydration at your hip!

Includes one Spider Monkey holster base (clips to your belt), and one Water Bottle Holder attachment (clips into the holster base).

Bottle of water not included (sorry guys).

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Hydration at your hip.

Let’s face it, on a hot day or a long shoot staying hydrated and alert is very important. If only there were an easy way to carry a water bottle without it getting in way. Enter the Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder. Never be thirsty on a shoot again!

How does it work?

Simply attach the Spider Monkey base to your belt (or ours), insert your water bottle into the Holder, then slide the Holder into the base. The Water Bottle Holder will lock into the Spider Monkey base. Quick-draw your water bottle (using one hand!), by pressing the release tab at the top of the Spider Monkey base to unlock your Water Bottle Holder and lift it out. Instant refreshment.

The neoprene material will help keep your beverage cool on a hot day.

What’s included?

Includes our Water Bottle Holder and one Spider Monkey holster base that can attach to your belt, our SpiderPro belt, our Black Widow belt, or our Large Lens Pouch. Basically, everything you need to have hydration at your hip.

Accommodates a standard water bottle (not included) up to 20oz./650ml. in size. The Water Bottle Holder is interchangeable with all Spider Monkey products.

Additional information


Holds a standard 20oz water bottle


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