Tom Barnes

Spider Holster is Tom Barnes’ carrying system of choice for his music and portrait photo shoots.

London-based photographer Tom Barnes has seen his work take him to shooting everything from high-fashion portraits to grungy rock stars at concerts around the world.

“Since I started using Spider Holster two years ago it’s become an indispensable and integral part of my workflow. I can’t even begin to tell you how useful it is – you get your hands and shoulders free so you don’t have to hold your camera awkwardly or put it on the floor as I was forced to do before,” explained Barnes.

While on tour, Barnes uses Spider Holster for both his DSLR and compact video rig. By keeping his equipment safely on his hip, he doesn’t have to worry about placing it on the sweat-laden stage near people moving around or on the dirty ground where it can get damaged.

“The Spider Holster has improved my photography by letting me become faster on shoots and more hands on,” explained Barnes. “I spend less time worrying about where the camera is because I know it’s always going to be securely on my belt. People seem to take instruction better when you put the camera in the holster; you have both your hands free and they seem to feel less intimidated than when you are shaking a large camera around.”

Whether it is on an exotic location for a photo shoot or a tiny club for a concert gig, Spider Holster has helped Tom Barnes improve his workflow no matter where on the map his shoots take him.

“I couldn’t recommend it more, of all the equipment I’ve ever bought I would say that Spider Holster is my favorite,” said Barnes. “It’s been a game changer for how I handle my equipment on location and has sped up my shooting workflow. In fact, all my cameras now have Spider Holster plates, even my 35mm camera that I shoot with for fun. I’d never be able to use a conventional camera strap now. It’s funny to say that a small bit of metal has changed the way I work, but it’s so well designed and built that it is now a permanent fixture on my belt.”

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