Pete Leong

Wedding photographer Pete Leong turned to Spider Holster for help and never looked back.

From his Okinawa, Japan headquartered fotoShisa Photography, renowned wedding photographer Pete Leong travels all over the world for wedding shoots and a busy workshop schedule he operates for fellow pros, even the US military.

As a busy working pro, Pete constantly found himself frustrated by the cumbersome tangle of neck straps. Like many shooters, Pete longed for a solution to the aches and pains that came from carrying cameras for hours at a time. Once he discovered the Spider Camera Holster, relying on the dual camera system, he never looked back. Today, Pete doesn’t leave home without what he calls his “best friend,” the Spider Holster.

“Spider Holster allows me to concentrate on the job at hand; I don’t have to worry about my camera slipping off my shoulder or the strap getting in the way of the view finder when I’m shooting. At the end of a 12-hour shoot, when my shoulders would normally be sore and tired, I can still walk around or, with my cameras locked securely into the holster, even run if necessary.”

With no straps in the way, he can accommodate the quick camera changes that are required to capture the fleeting moments of a wedding shoot. Pete also uses the modular SpiderPro Large Lens Pouch to make sure he has the pro’s favorite 70-200mm f2.8 right at his fingertips. The added benefit of maintaining quick-draw accessibility took some getting-use-to, but the advantages of having two preconfigured camera set-ups, one on each hip, was very appealing.

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“Once I got used to the holster’s position on my hip, I was able to quickly retrieve and replace the camera back into its holster one handed without looking. Once it’s on, I forget it’s there and it’s so natural. When I’m shooting I am able to get the camera from the holster to my eye in a split second…the freedom from straps is something that once you get used to there’s just no looking back.”

In fact, Pete has become so attached to his Spider Holster gear that it’s hard to shoot without it!

“One time I forgot to bring my Spider Holster along with me for a wedding and I was forced to use regular camera straps wondering in frustration for the duration of the shoot how on Earth did I ever use these uncomfortable things in the past?!”

The freedom from straps is something that once you get used to there’s just no looking back.

Now, as a die-hard Spider Holster fan, Pete has quickly gotten used to the intrigued wedding guest, quizzing him about his quick-draw holster.

“It’s funny how many times I’ve been told I look like a gun slinger.” Gun slinger or not, Pete’s Spider Holster Camera Holster has become an integral part of all of his shoots.

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