Pete Collins

Spider Holster is the camera-carrying system of choice for Kelby Media Group’s Pete Collins.

Experienced photographer and Kelby Media Group’s newest “Photoshop Guy,” Pete Collins had long been searching for a camera-carrying solution to accommodate his heavy equipment and hectic shooting schedule.

“Spider Holster took all of the weight off of my shoulders and repositioned it on my hips providing immediate relief,” said Collins. “I have a bad back and the difference pain relief between this and the numerous straps I have used makes this product an absolute winner in my book.”

Collins was surprised by not only how well Spider Holster was able to perform during such a treacherous schedule, but at the noticeable relief he felt during long shoots.

“My interest in Spider Holster was piqued when I saw many of my photography colleagues carrying one on location and at tradeshows and thought it might be the answer to my camera-carrying problem,” explained Collins. “I firstly put Spider Holster through a battery of stress tests and real world experiences to see how it performed; I shot two weddings, three amusement park trips, and about a 20 mile photo walk around Washington D.C. and it performed better than I could have ever imagined.”

With Spider Holster, Collins found a new found freedom while on photo locations. Not only was he freed by frequent back pain but now was able to experience a new level of camera control thanks to Spider’s hands-free system.

“The quick action from holster to eye to take the picture is faster than with most other straps, which are great particularly for weddings and kids when the unexpected pivotal moment occurs,” explained Collins. “The ability to be truly hands-free when walking or setting up a shot is liberating, in that I am not always babysitting my camera with one free hand, like when it is on a strap.”

Whether he is traveling with his family or conducting a workshop or on Photo walk, Spider Holster is now with Pete wherever he and his camera may go.

“I will typically wear my Spider Holster with another lens pouch on the other side and a drink pouch on the back to stay hydrated” explained Collins. “Now with the new Spider Arca-Swiss Clamp, I don’t have to fuss with taking off my Spider plate to use my tripod. I feel like a photographer Batman!”

Collins hopes to encourage more of his photography colleagues to try Spider Holster so they too can see the benefits in the revolutionary system.

“I would, and have, recommended this product to every one of my friends. In fact, it has gotten to the point where they are getting tired of me saying how great this product is,” Collins explained. However, he is more than happy to continue to spread Spider’s praises. “The simple idea of getting the weight off of your shoulders and onto your hips is so good, everyone should try it!”

Pete Collins is one of the “Photoshop Guys” working with Scott Kelby and the Kelby Media Group based out of Tampa, Fl. He has been a photographer for 20 years shooting everything from weddings, to stock and professional sports. He now teaches photography and Photoshop workshops full-time.

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