Michael Corsentino

The Spider Holster becomes an integral part of photographer Michael Corsentino’s shoots and workshops across the globe.

Michael Corsentino, based in Orlando Florida, has been a photographer for over 35 years and specializes in professional wedding, engagement, and portrait photography. His experience, skill, and signature blend of photojournalism, fashion, and editorial styles have made him an incredibly in-demand lifestyle photographer, and his popular domestic and international workshops garner rave reviews.

Michael has always put in very long hours on location. His tough work schedule, combined with the way he was carrying his equipment, was really wearing him down.

“I had typically carried my equipment around in heavy shoulder bags and my individual camera bodies on neck straps,” Corsentino explained. “The pain in my back and neck after a long day of shooting was really starting to take a toll and I knew it was time to search for other options.”

After seeing some of his colleagues and fellow professional photographers using Spider Holster, he was intrigued and wanted to try it out for himself.

“The way the Spider Holster system carries equipment on your hip looked like a really innovative and creative solution,” said Corsentino. “The difference was immediately evident; I was amazed at how the pain I was experiencing was gone and how convenient the system as a whole was. I incorporated the Dual-Cam System into my routine right away.”

The Spider Holster system has become ingrained into Michael’s everyday photography routine, both at home and abroad. From weddings in the Florida sunshine, to workshops in European capitals, the Spider Holster is his trusty travel companion.

“With my camera at my hip, it’s always accessible when I need it,” said Corsentino. “Thanks to the security of the locking mechanism, I never have to worry about snatch-and-grab thieves while I’m abroad.” He found it to be such a natural fit to his body that it never causes any unwanted attention. “The system is so discreet on my hip I can slip through a crowd without most people even noticing, which made me comfortable both physically as well as mentally.”

Michael is currently working on his second and third books, respectively, “Canon EOS 6D Digital Field Guide” and “Capture One Pro 7 Official Guide.” Both are slated to be released by Wiley and Sons Publishing later this year.

For more information about Michael Corsentino’s photography and his workshop schedule you can visit his website at, www.corsentinophotography.com

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