Lito Sy

One of Asia’s most sought-after wedding photographers, Lito Sy, can’t shoot without his Spider Holster.

Lito Sy began his career in wedding photography when he was invited to cover the wedding of his pastor in Davao City, Philippines. The pastor told him that he was blessed with a creative eye; it was at this point that Lito began to harness a love for photography.

“I use the Spider Holster every time I shoot, whether it is inside my studio or out,” explained Sy. “The freedom it brings, leaving my hands free to make adjustments or give direction, make a huge difference and I am always confident my equipment is ready at my side. I now can’t shoot without it!

”Sy is constantly motivated to be the best in the industry, adding other projects such as food, product, fashion, and landscape photography in the list of his expertise. With Spider Holster, Sy’s camera is always at the ready on his hip allowing him to adjust any set location hands-free.

“As I began my career in photography, I knew I needed a camera carry-solution that would assist me during my often very long shoots,” explained Sy. “I saw one of my friends using Spider Holster and even though it wasn’t available in the Philippines at the time, I kept it in mind and later I saw it on display in a photography shop in Manila and bought one for myself!”

In addition to the relief Spider Holster brings to Sy on set, it has also brought physical relief.

“My back pains are gone and I can wear suits now too, with the Spider Holster fitting comfortably on my hip,” said Sy. “Using Spider Holster has boosted my confidence as it enables me to move faster and use both of my hands freely. I would definitely recommend it!”

Next year, Lito Sy will be celebrating his 25th anniversary in the business. As an established name in the industry of photography in the Philippines, he has been chosen to be a resource speaker and workshop facilitator in various training and conventions so that he can impart his knowledge to aspiring professional photographers, both locally and internationally.

Recognized as one of Signature Weddings’ top 30 photographers in Asia, Lito is the first and only Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines (WPPP) Master Photographer and was recognized as the WPPP Photographer of the Year in 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2011. Lito was also given the highest distinction award, Fellowship by the Wedding and Portrait Photographers of Malaysia (WPPM) in 2011.

Lito is an international speaker and lecturer. Interested parties may visit Lito Sy’s website at or contact him through his e-mail at

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