Lindsay Adler

With Spider Holster, on-the-go fashion photographer Lindsay Adler found freedom.

If you’re passed in a flash by a shock of elegant curls and a camera, chances are you’ve just come in contact with Lindsay Adler. After all, she’s practically everywhere at once.

Though only in her twenties, Lindsay’s work has already appeared in numerous international fashion and photography publications, including Bullett Magazine, Zink Magazine, Noise Magazine, Rangefinder, Professional Photographer and more. Her images have been featured in advertising campaigns and on billboards. She’s authored four books and conducts workshops on retouching, fashion techniques and studio lighting. She even speaks at events like WPPI, PhotoPlus Expo, Imaging USA, Kelby Training and creativeLIVE. But even if you haven’t seen her at one of these venues, you’ve undoubtedly noticed her scaling the walls of her studio to find the perfect shot.

“I am a very active photographer,” she says. “I don’t just mean the amount of work I do, but in fact how active I am while shooting. I jump around, move around, sit on the floor, stand on a ladder…I’m often in constant motion.”

Given her need for constant motion,  you can imagine Lindsay’s delight when, as she traversed a photo trade show floor, she noticed a female booth representative surrounded by a group of other women, all staring and pointing at the belt around her hips. The belt was a SpiderPro Single Camera System, and Lindsay’s attention was immediately captured.

“For my shooting style, a tripod doesn’t fit and a camera strap gets extremely uncomfortable after long days on set. For the longest time I would simply set my camera on the floor when I wasn’t using it or I’d put it on the nearest surface. You’d often here me say ‘Wait, where’d I put my camera?’ I decided I had to give [Spider Holster] a try because my active teaching and shooting styles would really benefit from additional mobility and freedom for my hands!”

I jump around, move around, sit on the floor, stand on a ladder…I’m often in constant motion.

Now a regular Spider Holster user, Lindsay is free to move at her own (often frenetic) pace and never miss a shot or lose track of her gear. With her camera hanging securely at her side, she is better able to speak, demonstrate, shift equipment, climb and otherwise explore her creative passions. She actively recommends Spider Holster systems to other photographers – especially those accustomed to travel and on-location shoots.

“Your camera is your tool and freedom as a photographer,” she says. “The way you keep it on your person should not cause frustration or discomfort. Spider Holster helps make your camera your freedom – not your restraint.”

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In her bag…

Lindsay rocks a SpiderPro Single Camera System with a red SpiderPro Hand Strap.

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