Karl Grobl

Award-Winning photojournalist Karl Grobl shoots from the hip with Spider Holster.

Karl Grobl is an award-winning humanitarian photojournalist constantly on the move. Through photography Grobl reveals the human side of geo political issues faced by people across the world.

His work has taken him to more than 50 countries in the last ten years where he has photographed the human condition for scores of publications and more than 80 NGOs. His constant companion on these trips is his photo gear which includes two Nikon D3s cameras, one with a 17-35mm f2.8 and the other with a 70-200mm f2.8 lens.

Spending much of his recent career photographing in the arduous terrain of Southeast Asia, Grobl often walks miles each day though winding jungle paths. To capture impactful photos that speak to the human condition in an honest and candid way, especially in such dynamic circumstances, Grobl has come to rely on the all-day comfort of the SpiderPro Dual Holster to prevent neck, shoulder and back strain while ensuring his camera is always at the ready.

“The Spider Holster has improved my ability to do my job comfortably and effectively. It is a liberating experience not to have any camera straps on my shoulders. No more readjusting the straps to keep them in place, no more straps are falling across my diopter just as I’m trying to get a shot, no more worrying about swinging cameras crashing into things,” noted Grobl.

For years he searched for a camera strap alternative that would allow him to easily and comfortably carry his two cameras on a shoot. While bags and other storage devices were ideal for transporting his cameras while en route, he needed a solution that provided the quick access of straps without the hassle, fatigue and long-term physical damage of toting heavy gear across his upper body for several hours each day.

Grobl began using Spider Holster’s SpiderPro to carry one camera, and quickly upgraded to the SpiderPro Dual system allowing him to carry both his cameras on his hips where the weight is evenly distributed. Using the heavy duty Spider Holster Belt and all-metal pro-grade holster system, Grobl is now able to instantly access multiple cameras and free himself from the discomfort and inconvenience of shoulder straps.

Freed from the constraints of neck straps with his SpiderPro Dual System, Grobl’s cameras are always accessible and secure on his hips.

What I consider to be the biggest advantage of my dual-Spider Holster setup is that I can instantly access either one of my cameras without fumbling with bags or straps. In my particular style of photography speed is of the essence. I’m often switching between my wide lens and my telephoto in order to capture different parts of an unfolding story.

As an early adopter of the Spider Holster, Grobl now suggests the solution to attendees of his popular photography workshops, often awarding a Spider Holster set up to the star pupils. More information on his workshops is available at www.angkorphotoworkshops.com.

For more information on Karl Grobl, to view his award-winning images, or catch up on his most recent adventures, please visit www.karlgrobl.com/blog.

Or check out this video from Karl where you can see him using his Spider Holster while on location in Cambodia.

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