Jim Liaw

Renowned portrait and wedding photographer Jim Liaw brings Spider Holster to his native Malaysia.

After gaining notoriety in the United Kingdom photography community, Jim Liaw returned to his native Malaysia to provide portraiture work for the local community. After becoming President of Wedding and Portrait Photographers Malaysia (WPPM) and officially moving Jim Liaw Photography to a new studio, he knew he and his team would need equipment to keep up with their hectic shooting schedules.

I believe every photographer who’s ever carried their chunky DSLR for long extended hours either for work or fun can relate to the stress it can put on your neck and shoulders,” Jim explained. “When we got our first Spider Holster at the studio, the immediate relief was astounding.

Feeling the relief to his long-suffering neck and back, made quite a difference to Jim who would often work long hours shooting everyone from infants to entire families. Having the freedom to move around his studio with his camera safely secured at his side convinced Jim to replace the standard issue camera strap with Spider Holster.

Spider Holster really helps to distribute the weight more evenly across the waist and above the belt, making it more comfortable on long-hour shoots,” said Jim. “While wearing the holster, you are free to move around or sit without fear of the lens hitting the ground or any surrounding objects.

While shoots can often be stressful, especially dealing with young children or large groups in his studio, Jim felt relief knowing his camera was always at-the-ready when he needed it, and secured at his side when he was on the move.

Securing the camera into Spider Holster was easy thanks to the lock and quick release mechanism,” Jim explained. “This prevents the DSLR from accidentally slipping out and also helps thwart thieves from snatching it providing much needed peace of mind.

When we got our first Spider Holster at the studio, the immediate relief was astounding.

Along with the WPPM, Jim is also currently a respected speaker and member of the Master Photographers Association, UK (MPA). Jim will next be speaking at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers Malaysia Conference, taking place August 24 – 26, 2012 in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

For more information about Jim Liaw and his photography, please visit www.jimliaw.com. For more information about the WPPM, please visit wppm.com.my.

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