Jerome Braga

Busy wedding photographer Jerome Braga finds Spider Holster enables his hectic shooting schedule.

Over the past six years, Jerome Braga has photographed hundreds of weddings in the Connecticut and New York area. The elegant style that has come to define his company, Studio1923 Photographic Artists, has become sought-after by brides throughout New England.

With high expectations to “not miss a single moment” from eager clients always in mind, spending time switching equipment instead of taking pictures just wasn’t an option for Braga, he needs to always keep a camera at-the-ready. Braga needed a convenient way to carry multiple camera set-ups, usually a Nikon D3 with Nikkor lenses, while ensuring he balanced his own comfort with a desire to hide-in-plain-sight amongst the guests. Eventually Braga updated his gear and now carries multiple cameras on the SpiderPro Dual Camera System.

In the past, I would carry all of my equipment in a backpack. I was constantly going back and forth changing lenses or grabbing a different camera configuration, which took time away from my clients, and added extra time to my shoots. By adapting to the Spider Holster Dual Camera System, I was able to shoot faster, more efficiently, and with more diversity than ever before. In a time-sensitive ceremony setting speed is invaluable, as you can imagine.  I was able to save hours by shaving minutes off of each session

Since adopting the Spider Holster system, Braga says its use has become “second-nature.” The system has become such a part of him, he cannot shoot without it. He recalled an instance of having to turn around to pick up his forgotten holster making him late for his session in the process, but for Braga was important enough to risk the delay. Using the Dual Camera System, Braga is able to hold two camera bodies with attached lenses comfortably on his hips. This gun-slinger style not only eliminates the hassle of constantly swapping cameras from a backpack, but also the physical stress on the body.

After an eight to twelve hour day of shooting, I would go home extremely tired and sore from carrying around a backpack all day. With the Spider Holster, the comfort and convenience of having the system on my hips as opposed to my back frees me up to focus on the most important thing, capturing the moments my clients want to remember.

Combination of comfort and easy-accessibility ensure Jerome Braga never misses a single moment on his clients’ most important days.

The freedom of the Dual Camera System allows Braga to adapt his equipment needs to each individual shoot. For smaller weddings, he can carry a single camera body and flash on one hip, and an additional flash on the opposite side. For nighttime shoots, the extra flash is invaluable to help light the dance floor to capture the much-demanded candid shots.

No matter how hectic his schedule may be, Jerome Braga cannot get through a wedding without his Spider Holster. While it always serves as a great conversational piece, most importantly its comfort and hassle-free accessibility has made his often stressful job a little easier.

Braga and his studio have received numerous accolades, including mentions in’s Best of Weddings for five straight years and Best of Weddings for four years straight. He also currently serves as the Vice President of Finance on the CTPPA board of directors.  For more information about Jerome and his photography, please visit:

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