Jared Platt

Sought-after wedding and lifestyle photographer finds needed relief thanks to Spider Holster.

Arizona-based photographer Jared Platt conducts over fifty wedding and lifestyle shoots a year, in addition to dozens of workshops across the country and online. Platt’s documentary style necessitates the use of multiple cameras and his assignments often put him in physically demanding situations, like shooting a wedding on the edge of a thousand foot cliff.

“After repeated long hours and strenuous shoots, I began having some back issues,” explained Platt. “I was spending a lot of money on chiropractors and massages all because I was carrying the weight of my equipment on my back and shoulders. I didn’t know there was a better way to carry my cameras.”

With the switch to Spider Holster, Platt realized immediate relief from his discomfort. With the weight shifted to his hips, he was able to maneuver freely, uninhibited by back pain. After just a few shoots using the Spider Holster system, Platt knew this was the solution he had been searching for.” It may sound exaggerated but Spider Holster literally saved my back,” said Platt. “For the first time in recent memory I could get through an eight hour wedding shoot without any pain. It has become an indispensable part of my photography routine.”

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Platt uses the SpiderPro Dual Camera System to allow ready access to both of his cameras. From inside a church to outdoor portrait sessions, Platt always has his cameras ready at his fingertips, all while his hands remain free.

“With my cameras on my hips, rather than around my neck, I can lean and bend, direct and change lighting without dropping a camera or banging it against a boulder,” said Platt. “And yet, my cameras are always at my side, ready for any moment. It makes me feel a bit like Jesse James.”

Platt also began using the Spider Holster in his personal photography excursions. With three young children he is always eager to capture every precious family memory, but with a camera dangling from his neck and kids under foot, a little head was bound to get knocked by 10 pounds of hard metal. With his camera secured at his hip, though, Platt could play with and photograph his children without the concern.

From an Arizona desert wedding shoot to a Disneyland family vacation, Platt does not leave home without his Spider Holster.

“The Spider Holster saved my back and gives me the freedom to move while I am shooting. There’s nothing like it.”

For more information about Jared’s wedding and lifestyle photography, or to check out his latest workshops, please visit his blog at www.JaredPlatt.com.

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