Jacklyn Greenberg

Sought-after wedding photographer Jacklyn Greenberg fell for the Spider Holster and now her entire team carries their cameras like gun slingers.

At JAG Studios in New Haven, CT, sought-after wedding photographer Jacklyn Greenberg has cultivated a winning approach with her “emotionally charged” style, backed by a “love for our clients” that also brought her critical recognition since opening in 2006.

Balancing an average of 15 destination weddings each season, Greenberg has shot in some of the most amazing locations around the globe and found her work published in the likes of Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine and the cover of Grace Ormond Wedding Style Magazine – New England. In 2011 she was listed on Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine’s A List – Top 20 Wedding Photographers in the World, and named one of the top photographers in the world by JunebugWeddings.com. Her unique style also earned her recognition as one of Photo District News’ “Top Knots” in 2010 and 2011.

With her intense travel and shooting schedule, Greenberg had to find a comfortable and reliable option for carrying her equipment. Female photographers face an especially difficult choice when deciding on a carrying solution. The options for them are not that plentiful. Straps cut across the chest in uncomfortable and not-so-pleasing fashion, and other alternatives that hang the camera on the hips are bulky and aren’t accentuating to a woman’s body. She especially never imagined she’d fall for a hip holster.

As a female, putting camera straps across my chest is not a preference, and I never wanted to wear anything on my hip, it draws unwanted attention; but with Spider you can use the Holster on your own belt which helps reduce the profile of the camera,” said Greenberg. “With my Spider Holster, my camera is safe and secure on my hip. I don’t have to put a camera strap over my head, while trying to look composed when working a wedding.

Greenberg loves that her Spider Holster frees her hands and keeps her looking good during the high-paced demands of a wedding shoot.

Having experimented with other strapless carrying alternatives in the past, Greenberg knew that escaping the strap was only part of the solution. When not actively shooting, she still needed somewhere to put the camera down if she needed her hands-free.

With Spider the camera is clipped firmly on my belt where my hand rests so it fits the regular motion of my body. After I shoot some frames, and my body goes to rest, my hand is right next to the Holster,” said Greenberg. “With the Spider Holster your camera is right at your finger tips, literally! Go ahead, stand in a casual position…your hands are at your side, right where your camera would be if you were wearing a Spider Holster.

With her Spider Holster Pro, Greenberg has found the carrying solution to fit her unique needs as a photographer that shoots weddings. Photographing weddings has required her to master just about every facet of photography, and she’s found that the Spider Holster helps her flow seamlessly through her wedding day routine.

During a wedding we shoot just about every genre of photography, from portraits to interiors, to macros, to landscapes, and when you are shooting in such varying conditions, the Spider Holster just works!,” said Greenberg. “You just can’t deny it; it’s an amazing piece of equipment. How can you not be comfortable with your camera on your hip like a gun slinger? I mean they had it right back in the Wild West, it’s a time-tested solution!

For more information about Jacklyn Greenberg’s work, please visit: www.jagstudios.net

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