Elaine Green

Elaine Green finally finds a solution as rugged as she is, through Spider Holster.

Don’t let her size fool you. Photographer Elaine Green may be petite, but she’ll carry herself (and 20 lbs of equipment) through a 13-hour wedding shoot with grace. Her neck and shoulders, though, still ache from the strain of long days and heavy loads. The need to find a more capable solution led her to pore through photography forums and magazines for suggestions of a better option, where she found information about the innovative camera systems of Spider Holster. Instantly, she was in love.

“It’s lightning fast,” she says. “I can quickly access my camera or flash from my belt and then lock them back into place. But my favorite feature of the Spider Holster systems is keeping my hands free! Now I can adjust my lighting setups and the people I’m posing as frequently as I wish, and I can easily carry my gear and lights around while walking between locations.”

It is Spider Holster’s superior construction and ergonomic design that helps Elaine feel so much at ease. Between her SpiderPro Single Camera System and Spider Monkey accessory clips, she can rid her mind of worry as she swaps gear, interchanges lighting solutions or explores her environment.

“I’ve got to be a ninja,” she continues. “I’m always climbing up trees, ladders and hills to get a unique perspective. I don’t want to be weighed down by awkwardly dangling my gear from my neck, nor do I want to miss any crucial moments because I’m not ready with my camera. When I’m exploring downtown NYC or Shanghai, I no longer need to rummage through my backpack when I want a quick shot. And when I’m (usually very hurriedly) eating at a reception, for example, there’s no need to worry about leaving my camera unattended as it is always attached to me.”

Mad for photography since high school, Elaine is rarely seen without her camera. She has been listed as one of the top 25 wedding photographers in Canada by Wedding Bells in 2010 and twice ranked as one of the top 50 wedding photojournalists by the Wedding Photojournalists Association. Her work has been featured in StyleMePretty, Wedluxe, Wedding Obsession, Perfect Wedding, Blush, Weddingbells, Brides Magazine, CityTV, CBC, Global TV and more.  She has been the recipient of international photography awards from PWPC, WPJA, AGWPA, ISPWP, and Fearless Photographers Organization.

It gives me a sense of freedom that is indescribable. And best of all, I don’t have backaches like I used to!

Needless to say, Elaine has been making waves. But no matter where you find her, chances are that she’ll have her Spider Holster gear at hand.

Learn more about Elaine Green at www.elainegreen.com. Follow her on Twitter at @elainesoong, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/elainegreenphotographer or on Google+ at plus.google.com/+ElaineGreen.

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