David Beckstead

Renowned photographer David Beckstead finds the Spider Holster is perfect for his active shooting style.

David Beckstead has built a world-wide reputation as one of the best wedding photographers in the business.

His reputation is based on a unique creative sense for “the” shot which he stalks during a shoot relying on unique angles and perspectives. Headquartered in rural Washington, David and his business partner and wife, Kassandra, have photographed weddings and models in numerous countries around the world. Beckstead’s shooting style can graciously be categorized as active, but some might call it aerobic, so he often finds him in
precarious positions.

I’m a crazy go-getter on a shoot. I push my gear through the paces to capture those few magical images,” he says. “I shoot lots of model poses in lots of locations, from a lot of crazy positions. I’ll cram into a tight corner, lie on the floor, or fire off a few frames from up over my head, whatever it takes to get the shot, and the Spider Holster allows me to keep my mind on the shoot without being concerned that my cameras straps or bags are going to impede my flexibility.

After trying out virtually every traditional and non- traditional camera strap on the market, Beckstead has found Spider Holster’s SpiderPro to be a carrying solution that fits his unique style. His standard gear for a wedding or model shoot usually includes two Canon Mark II 5Ds, one with a 24 mm f1.4 the other with a larger 70-200mm, along with a lens bag for his extra needs. The unavoidable result being that the three straps were constantly getting caught and tangled.

Since adopting the Spider Holster, Beckstead has freed himself of the tangle of straps and has found the freedom of movement the Spider Holster offers to be a valuable commodity for his high octane style. While experimenting with other traditional straps and strap alternatives, he often found himself having to take off the camera strap or unclip the camera. In the midst of such a fast paced shoot, Beckstead would find himself having to focus on making sure to reattach the camera, and he always second-guessed whether he reattached it as he thought he did.

Freedom of movement and peace-of-mind power Beckstead’s unique style, allowing him to push the creative barriers of photography.

“A lot of other straps left me with an odd feeling because I couldn’t remember if the camera was clipped in or not. The best way to describe it is like leaving for vacation and thinking you left the oven on. Ultimately, it took my attention away from the true task at hand,” he says. “With the Spider Holster I don’t worry about where I put my camera because I’ve just gotten used to returning it to its holster each time I swap cameras. When I pause to position a model or give direction, there’s a place for it.”

In addition to his busy shoot schedule, Beckstead also hosts workshops all around the world. Standing in front of photography classes he often eyes students’ smirks as they wonder about this American they know so much about, and the curious holster belt that carries his two cameras on his hips. Beckstead knows too well what comes next.

“People are always telling me to ‘draw’, like we’re staring each other down in an old Western,” says Beckstead. “They look at me like I’m a true American cowboy. The Spider Holster is truly a conversation piece in that sense.”

Besides being such a potent conversational piece, Beckstead has made the SpiderPro one of his required pieces of equipment which he relies on to help him capture “the” shot at each and even event.

For more information about Beckstead’s work and his popular workshops, please visit: www.davidbeckstead.com

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