Corinne Delis

Acclaimed Dutch photographer expands her business thanks to Spider Holster.

As a professional scrapbooker in her native Holland, Corinne Delis had made a worldwide name for herself through her workshops and popular scrapbooking blog. However, her true passion had always been photography so three years ago she opened her own business, Delis Photography. As one of the first noted specialty newborn photographers in the country, Delis saw her client base begin to expand immediately, however a persistent back problem threatened to bring her burgeoning business to a halt.

Ever since the birth of her first son thirteen years ago, Delis has experienced on and off severe lower back problems. Often limited by her pain, Delis was only able to shoot one session per day. Carrying equipment on neck straps caused additional neck and shoulder strain, especially pro-level lenses. This became especially problematic when dealing with her youngest clients.

“With newborns, keeping a camera hanging around my neck was dangerous,” said Delis about previous issues with camera carrying systems. “Every time I needed to adjust the placement of a baby’s hands I’d be worrying I might hit the child if I wasn’t careful. I would have to set my camera down and would sometimes even accidentally kick it having forgotten it was there. I knew there had to be another, more practical system.”

It was on a workshop in the Netherlands, hosted by South African wedding photographer Christine Meintjes, that Delis first saw the Spider Holster. She With the Spider Holster, Corinne Delis is able to sit comfortably without damaging her camera. Photo provided by Corinne Delis was attending the workshop after becoming interested in pursuing wedding photography, a field she was always interested in but her chronic back pain had left her hesitant to pursue.

“I had been putting off getting into wedding photography, knowing the strain the all-day shoots could have on my back,” Delis said. “I knew when I saw the Spider Holster that it was the tool that would allow me to shoot all day as it completely eliminates the extra strain from a neck strap. With Spider Holster, I could easily adjust hair, clothes, etc. and still keep the connection between me and the client because I never have to turn around and grab my camera.”

After suffering crippling back pain, Corinne Delis found the Spider Holster system altered both her life and business days.

With her new skills and new tool in Spider Holster, Delis was confident enough to pursue her dream to shoot her first wedding. Just a few months ago she strapped on her Dual Cam System and mounted not one, but two pro DSLRs for a full day of shooting. Driven by her natural talent, along with the freedom and comfort made possible by Spider Holster, Delis has seen her wedding business flourish and she is excited for the future her new business holds.

Corinne Delis continues to teach photography workshops and run Scrapbooking Weekends throughout Europe, and is currently offering one-on-one photography studio branding and marketing workshops in the Netherlands.

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