Benny Rebel

World renowned wildlife photographer Benny Rebel takes his Spider Holster on safari.

For photographer Benny Rebel, his “studio” is the wilderness and his shooting locations are usually very hot, dirty, dusty, muddy, dangerous and uncomfortable. He needed a camera carrying solution that could withstand everything nature threw at him.

“I received a call from a colleague that he got a new product in his shop called Spider Holster and it could be interesting for my work in Africa,” said Rebel. “I took the Spider Holster to Africa and tested it there for some weeks. The Spider Holster was far better than any other system I had used before. Since that day in 2009, I have used my Spider Holster for my work anywhere I go.”

Rebel’s equipment is under permanent environmental pressure and must absorb lots of heavy vibrations due to rough roads in the wilderness. With Spider Holster, he found a product that could withstand all these elements.

“Spider Holster is made very robust and I love its high quality. I do not like neck straps because they are always in my way,” explained Rebel. “In Africa there are lots of nasty thorns in the bushes where any strap can cause you more trouble than necessary as you get stuck every now and then. With Spider Holster I do not have this kind of problem anymore with the camera safely and comfortably resting on my hip at all times.”

One of the most important features for Rebel, who is constantly on the lookout while on location for wildlife, is the ability to grab his camera at a moment’s notice.

“Wildlife photography requires very quick reaction. After walking for hours behind the wild animals you sometimes must immediately take photos of something interesting happening, for which you have a very limited time,” Rebel explained. “This means that you must always have your camera ready at all times. Spider Holster’s system provides me a very quick access to my camera, as it is literally always on my side, allowing me to never miss a shot.”

In Rebel’s hectic shooting schedule, his Spider Holster has always been a loyal companion and one he hopes to see other colleagues begin to use as well.

Spider Holster is very robust, easy to carry- even the whole day, and it allows me quick access to my cameras when I immediately need to take a shot. I would recommend Spider Holster to all my friends and also friends who I did not meet yet, as we say in Africa.

Benny Rebel is one of the most successful wildlife photographers of our time, having been honored with many international awards. He is the author of different books, multimedia shows and movies. Besides his daily work as a wildlife photographer, he has been offering photographic workshops in Africa for the past year where he takes participants who are interested in nature and photography to the best places in Africa in order to take spectacular photographs. Anyone who is interested in learning more about Benny Rebel can visit his website here:

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